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First-Class Low clearance towing services

Affordable Underground Towing for Parking Garages.

Is your car stuck underground? Most residential and office buildings offer underground parking with limited ceiling heights that make it impossible for most tow trucks to reach your car. Luckily, Bilal Towing offers underground towing service that tows your car from an underground/covered space to a location of your choice. Our underground tow trucks are lowered to access low-clearance garages while our single-cab configuration helps us reach your car in the tightest spaces. So whether you’re stuck in the covered parking lot of a shopping mall or 5 floors underground in a residential building, Bilal Towing will help recover your car so you can get on with your day.

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Service That You Can Count On, Every Time You Need It.

Even if you have always ignored that yellow bar at the entrances to parking garages, it's very difficult for towing companies to ignore it. If your vehicle’s height is below the number mentioned on the bar, you can park, but most tow trucks are too complex and tall to make the clearance.

If you are left stranded in a parking garage with an incapacitated vehicle, there's nothing worse than calling for a tow truck only to find out when help arrives that they have sent the wrong type of tow truck. We are available 24/7 to provide you with low clearance towing services.

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Common Troubles Requiring Low Clearance Parking Garage Towing

Rely on Us for 24-Hour Emergency Low Clearance Towing Services

Bilal Towing provides 24/7 low clearance towing services. If your car, truck or SUV is inside a lowered parking garage, in a carport or beneath a condo or apartment complex, you may need specialized towing.

We will send the equipment you need the first time, every time. Our low-profile tow truck can squeeze in under a low-slung ceiling and get your vehicle out. Even if you don’t need a low-clearance truck or aren’t sure, call us first.

We will listen to you, assess the situation, determine what kind of truck is required and get you the help you need. us for fast towing services for small vehicles, motorcycles, cars, all-wheel drive vehicles, trucks or SUVs.

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